Monday, September 8, 2014

Time to focus on the next step

Was down with a very bad viral the entire week. Called up Sulbha madam for some quick action items:

- Share wesbite details with Chavhan sir - Vijayraj. done
- Initiate purchase for 2 blackboards - Sulbha Madam.
- Put in order for bench repairs. Finalize timelines - Sulbha Madam.
- Implement the homework tracking process by Sep 9 - Sulbha Madam

With the funding process starting to reach the 'expense' point, its time to start consciously focusing on phase 2: operational improvements. Going beyond the homework tracking process.

Will be discussing with Vinod and Anis and a few other Deloitte folks for next steps, activities we can do with the kids. I think we need to start a serious discussion soon on:
- Teaching methodologies with low resources
- Teacher training programs
- Attendance/engagement improvement
- Effective progressive evaluation minus the pressure
- Leveraging the good student/teacher ratio optimally

Have gotten in touch with Nirali Vashisht, an amazingly inspiring teacher from the TFI organisation. Turns out she is ex-Deloitte! Hopefully she responds and we have a fruitful conversation.  

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