Saturday, October 11, 2014

And let there be (Tube)light!! Small things, big impact!

This one is special, because this requirement was pointed out and requested by the kids themselves in a students meeting 2 weeks ago.

The school quickly bought 6 tubelights, installed an electric school bell, and are also working on repairing the wiring for the public address system so that they can start using it again.

These are small things with big impact, because:
a) The students asked for it themselves
b) It is motivating to see 'things moving' after you have asked for them, as compared to empty promises. Visionary speeches do not carry weight, if you cannot install 6 tube lights.
c) The public address system makes a big psychological difference. It's 'cool' for them

Thanks to Patil Sir for getting this quickly done!!!! 

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