Monday, December 29, 2014

Year end arrives. Taking stock of how far we have come

The going has been great so far, as planned. With around 6 months of association, here is where we are and need to go.

Highlights of 2014 (6 months): 

  • Good funding of more than Rs. 1.1 lakh in 6 months. Translating to an average donation of around Rs. 19,000 per month! 
  • Almost 90% of this donation is from individuals! I strongly believe the involvement makes a bigger difference than the money itself. 
  • Big ticket item: Fixed around 35-50 benches which were unusable. A 'functional' classroom makes the kids feel better too
  • Laptop!! My dear friend Praba from the US sponsored a laptop for the school. This will help in school administration, focussed planning/improvement  and arranging for E-learnings
  • Pratik Bhabad trained the staff in Email and Whatsapp.
  • An actual attendance tracker excel has been created and provided to Gaikwad sir
  • Deloitte did a fantastic impact day on 11/28/2014. Re-organized the school, fixed 4 big cupboards, set up a cool library. 
  • Multiple discussions, ideas, events happened in the school and online which provide direction for the future. 

With the basics almost in place, it's time to shift the focus the core issue: Academic performance.

Looking ahead:

  • Attendance improvement is a major focus area. Need to track it. Have created a detailed Excel to automate tracking and generate reports. Gaiwad Sir will be helping us here
  • Revision related activities will be planned using Deloitte volunteers to help the 10th standard students
  • The younger kids need the most nurturing. We should see a major boost here with help coming in from my friend Nikhil Karkare's The Wise Buddha project. 
  • Train entire staff in basic computer skills and then actually LEVERAGE them for the school
  • Take steps to USE the library. Maybe by having story reading hours, buying intersting books, structuring the usage
  • Leverage existing talent. Have the students participate in inter-school contests. Need to plug them in the Town school network. Because they do not get the invites in the first place. This produces and idea for leveraging technology.

Let's see how it goes. We would need all the help we can get from a TIME and EFFORT perspective. If you are interested in sparing 1-2 hours every week or month or at any frequency, please let me know.

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