Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rupees 25K Milestone...And a song!!

We have collected Rupees 25 Thousand!!! Awesome to see people's helpfulness adding up slowly..Huge thanks to the donors. 

This Independence day week was good on many fronts.

Great celebrations at the school, recorded some video footage of the childrens' ambitions and teacher's challenges. 

The children came to know that I was going to sing at a function in the evening. So they forced me to sing. I had a song that I have been obsessed with recently - which was waiting to get out. So I happy to comply ;) Sang "Phir mohabbat" from Murder 2. It was fun. The best part was when a girl innocently asked "He song tumhi gaayilaaat ka???" ("Have you sung this song??[in the movie]") :) :)

Details of the fund collection are provided on the "Cashflow details" page

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