Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Share/donate - Help slum children learn!!

Calling for donations in cash or kind to support a slum-school striving since 30 years. The kids' parents are usually rag-pickers, daily wage construction workers, housemaids. Problems like alcoholic fathers, parent desertions are common. Their needs are as basic as blackboards, window grills, and money to buy books/stationery.
  • The entire process is extremely transparent. The best way to  know the entire background of the school, the people behind it and the funding needs in 10 minutes is to Download this presentation
  • The funding needs page summarizes the school's needs and also provides a link to the detailed presentation
  • The story so far section tells you what's going on, at an almost weekly basis.
  • Click here to DONATE NOW
You can also help by sharing this post, and liking the Facebook page as well

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