Saturday, August 8, 2015

Key meeting after a long time

Agenda for 8th august, 11:30 am:
- Meet Varsha madam. Understand her goals.
- Sulbha madam: Get exact list of help and activities from needed by school
Sulbha madam: Get list of school repairs and quotations 
Sulbha madam: What is the plan to spend 2.5 lakh grant, and building toilet? Cost? Dates?
- Gaikwad sir: Verify if teacher's attendance and student attendance is being tracked. Any problems?
- Gaikwad sir: share score tracking and sylabus tracking excel(vinit and pratik)
- Vijayraj: Talk about student needs excel and plan. Vinod to get updated excel from gaikwad sir before the meeting. 
- Vijayraj/Vinod: Talk about securing chrome books if we get them
- Sulbha madam: Discuss about leveraging Vinod's friend for teaching maths/science

MoM(please let me know if timeline does not work):

- All agenda items covered except score and syllabus excels, since that is still WIP. Vinit and Pratik working on it as planned

- Student needs: Excel is ready. Vinod to calculate thank you card printing cost, design is ready, recalculate needs and start process to ask for funding. What donors see: student needs with detailed breakup(our excel) What they give: money for as many students as they want to sponsor. What they get: Thank you card with their photo, students photo, and contact number

- Availability excel shared with Sulbha and Varsha mam. They will now work on detailed activities. First up will be pratik on 22nd

- Reading skills: Ashish working on defining goals as planned. Will need a plan first. If that leads to contention for volunteers, will need to discuss with Sulbha mam, prioritize and replan as needed.

- HM expectations: Had a talk with Varsha mam around new expectations as HM, challenges she might face, bare minimum(4 process excels) etc. 

- Varsha madam has requested for computer training. Need someone to volunteer. or find one

- Governemnt has started initiative to capture all school and student details online. Extremely good. School administration completely busy working towards 15th august deadline.

- Quotations for infra repairs and more technology equipment in progress. 

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