Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Weekly meeting minutes -- 8/12

·        Work is increasing. Need more people in Kalyan. Please look – all
·        Can nidhi take on the social media maintenance?
·        Update school website with team details

Weekend activity planning:
Sulbha madam to send plan by tomorrow. Vinod will review and have rework done – 8/14
Is Shashi joining?

Reading skills improvement - Ashish
·        Talked to Sulbha ma’m. 8 students. Across standards. Most do not know to identify letters
·        Define goals based on reading speed and standard. – 8/19
·        Figure out the method to be used – 8/22

Computer training for teachers – Vijayraj
Varsha has requested for computer training. Will work with Rashmi

Process excels implementation – Vinit
No updates yet. Dates pushed.

Student needs funding – Vinod
Vinod working on this. Collection might start from 8/14

General website idea – Vijayraj
On hold. Let’s see if we get people who can work on it. Sahana to get back from her cousins

Equipment procurement – Vinit
Equipments identified. Quotation to be obtained

Chrome book procurement – Vijayraj
We are getting 10 chromebooks. Its possible to install windows too. Sahana to explore

English improvement – Vijayraj

Vijayraj to talk to sunita and explore. See the way forward

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