Why this blog?

This blog will serve as a running commentary for my work with Bhartiya Vidhya Prabhodini - a slum school in Kalyan. Working in the education space has always been a childhood dream.

My strength is establishing self-sustaining systems, my weakness is that I have great drive, so hate to slow down. Slow, patient persistence is my Achilles' heel.

This blog will serve to:

  • Share my dream with the world, hopefully put healthy pressure to keep going. :) 
  • Record my observations, learnings - and most importantly, action items
  • Involve like minded people. Interact. Generate ideas. 

Forgive the informal, conversational tone. The objective is to "log"..rather than "write".

P.S. If you are interested to help out - time(from your home), ideas or money... please let me know.

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