Saturday, June 13, 2015

An interesting marketing story!!

So we have an important meeting at the school today, after a long time. Almost 1.5 hours! Turns out that the students who passed 10th grade are not serious about applying for their 11th standard. 

Further probing reveals that the government has introduced this splendid idea of centralized admissions even for 11 th standard. The schools themselves are supposed to fill online forms for students and submit it. So now a student can apply for 20 colleges, sitting in one place. As opposed to spending time, money and effort visiting different colleges.  Good idea but....

Nobody seems to be availing of this online facility. Students/parents are taking it easy and want to stick to the old offline procedure. Though it is worse in all aspects!!! Lack of awareness! And the last date is Monday, 15 June for online form filling!!

We decide to tackle this quickly by creating a pamphlet which the school staff can then circulate. 

The audience is very low income parents, mostly illiterate. I, the 'consulting professional' create what I think is the most "simple" and funny version. (The translation to Marathi language will be done later. The print will be black and white.)

Enter Nidhi Singh with her marketing acumen. She brushes this 'complicated' version off, and suggests some changes. The pamphlet changes to this:

The English translation is:


The girls says: 
"Mom!! Gaikwad sir is applying for 20 colleges in just Rs. 150 using the computer!! Tomorrow's the last chance. Even the college fees will be lesser. If we do not fill online, we will need to spend 10 times more money, and visit each college ourself!! Let's go na!!!

For more details, contact...."

Small things, big difference.

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