Sunday, June 14, 2015

Introduction of new processes using computers:

Following operational processes are in the works:

  • Students' Attendance tracker: WIP already. Gaikwad sir will make entries. Aim is to analyze patterns, focus on needed students
  • Teachers' attendance tracker: WIP. Primary teacher's attendance is weak. Tracking will help quantify the issues and focus on the right gaps. Taking leaves is fine, but the aim is to plan backups so that teaching plans are not impacted
  • Syllabus tracker: To teach in a planned manner, and keep track of portion completed/lagging. 
  • Scores tracker: To track students scores

All the above will help answer questions like: Which subjects to students lack in? Is it correlated to attendance? Do some teachers lead to bad performance despite good attendance?
This will help us narrow down and focus on the right problem

Secondary teachers are open to these processes anyway. Need to do a meeting with the primary teachers to get their buy in on these processes. Mostly on 19th June

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