Sunday, June 14, 2015

Important meeting for start of Academic year

Many important things were discussed on 13 June 2015.

Sulbha Madam and 3 other secondary teachers came in. Ashish Balure a friend from Deloitte also came in. Meeting lasted for more than 1.5 hours - and many points were discussed


To celebrate the 92% pass rate of the students in 10th standard. Tentatively on 27th June, 5 pm.

What did we do right? 
How come the radically improved result this year? So that we can repeat them next year. the following top points came up:

  • Focussing more on chapters that have more weightage marks wise in the exam paper
  • Children gain seriousness towards end of November. Use this to revise, reinforce the important chapters
  • Good attendance has been found to be correlated to good performance. 
  • A conducive home environment is a very big factor. And is lacking in many cases

Learning points for upcoming year:
Staff to pick the 'low attendance' students. I can talk personally to them and their parents and set expectations
Assign "Check in" volunteers to students. These will be successful professionals who's job is to simply call upon a kid's house and check what's going on. The hope is to make the parents more involved and responsible for the student's learning.

Introduction of new processes using computers:

  • Students' Attendance tracker: WIP already. Gaikwad sir will make entries. Aim is to analyze patterns, focus on needed students
  • Teachers' attendance tracker: WIP. Primary teacher's attendance is weak. Tracking will help quantify the issues and focus on the right gaps. Taking leaves is fine, but the aim is to plan backups so that teaching plans are not impacted
  • Syllabus tracker: To teach in a planned manner, and keep track of portion completed/lagging. 
  • Scores tracker: To track students scores.

All the above will help answer questions like: Which subjects to students lack in? Is it correlated to attendance? Do some teachers lead to bad performance despite good attendance?
This will help us narrow down and focus on the right problem

Secondary teachers are open to these processes anyway. Need to do a meeting with the primary teachers to get their buy in on these processes. Mostly on 19th June

Girls toilet:
Giants group is ready to fund the material cost, I can fund the labour. But getting the land approval from the slum dwellers is proving to be a challenge. This has been a key factor for the school. It's a pain that now we have the money but not the land!! Something that the school has to sort out themselves.

Needy students list:
Sulbha madam to provide updated list to Gaikwad Sir. Excel list to be ready by Wednesday

Internet dongle:
Gaikwad sir finally got the dongle working. The school now has an internet connection!!

Career counselling session:
There is a plan for Ashish Balure to conduct a career counseling session. It came up that the last date for online form filling is 15th June!! so we might be too late. Anyway, we tried to come up with a pamphlet to increase online form filling. Will it work? we dont know. Are we too late for counselling session? We dont know. Need to see

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